About us

City Partners offer a full range of legal services for its diverse clientele from its offices located in the city of Lagos. Its broad client base ranges from local and national businesses to foreign governments and multi-national corporations. The firm represents its clients' interests before federal and state agencies, in litigation before state and federal courts; in federal and state legislative matters; and in planning and implementing business and personal financial strategies.

In our representation of clients, we strive to provide at all times, quick, efficient, cost-effective and practical solutions to the varied, contemporary challenges faced by the client. Our philosophy is that this is best done by a thorough grasp of the client's business and objectives and communicating and working with the client to accomplish his goals.

City Partners strive to keep your business on track by clearing barriers to productivity and profitability. Our style is to remove obstacles quickly by applying our legal skills to your business needs. We are strategists and advocates. We analyze each issue in both legal and financial terms. In business matters ranging from acquisitions to creditors' rights, and litigation ranging from antitrust to zoning.

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